Programs and Services

Monthly Meetings


At every meeting, our scholars participate in single-session, predetermined STEM projects and activities built around monthly themes, such as earth science, lunar activity, marine science, and computer science.

Math Achievement


We focus on math at every meeting because black students routinely struggle in the area of math. We aspire to have every student algebra ready by 5th grade and calculus ready by 11th grade.

Parent Engagement Workshops


We also hold parent engagement workshops on such topics as growth mindset, character development, and career advancement, recognizing that our parents play an enormous role in how our children progress academically.  

Math Institute


In partnership with “I do Love Math,” we sponsor a Math Institute that focuses on advanced mathematics support and exposure for grades 5-8. We explore some foundational concepts of our base ten number system as well as touch upon ideas associated with geometry and trigonometry.   

NSBE Scholar Research


Our scholars are regularly assigned home study assignments that allow them to research African-American figures—past and present—that are pivotal to STEM disciplines, such as NASA mathematician Katherine Johnson who was featured in the 2017 feature film Hidden Figures.

Shadow Day


Our chapter will host a Shadow Day in conjunction with “Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day 2018” to connect our scholars with African-Americans in STEM fields so that they can be exposed to the day-to-day activities of STEM professionals.      

Math Institute


Fostering Their Love of Math

In the NSBE Math Institute, scholars will explore some foundational concepts of our base ten number system as well as touch upon ideas associated with geometry and trigonometry. If the students are up for the challenge we may even see some pre-calculus just to understand where everything is heading. Scholars will experience creative lessons, projects, activities, assessments, pre- and post- tests and evaluations. Students will also participate in an abridged version of the MASTER-student program, where they will be given strategies for applying concepts learned in math class to real-world situations. Also, students will be given the tools needed to be successful in all academic classes, as well as external educational endeavors and activities.  

Jason Boze, Founder of I do Love Math

Meet Jason Boze

Math, like each child, is filled with infinite possibilities. When children experience math in a positive way, the blocks and the stress that can be associated with the subject are often nullified. Students who enjoy math are able to find joy in its challenges. Mr. Bozé creates such an environment.

I do Love Math, Inc. has a mission to promote and develop the love of math. Even before becoming a UCLA graduate or the holder of a Master degree in Curriculum Design, Mr. Bozé understood the need for a positive dynamic when learning math. The insight learned through 20-plus years of hands-on field experience intertwined with the love of math gives this program its continued success. 

Mr. Bozé has taught elementary grades through adult classes. He has achieved success in both highly achieving and low performing environments. He worked as a math coach, teaching effective math strategies to teachers supporting them as they raise their capacity. The ‘I do Love Math’ program is an effective approach to math instruction. IDLM has been implemented in middle and high schools, and college settings for ten years and counting.This version of the IDLM program will provide support and exposure for mathematics grades 5-8. Algebra readiness will be the primary focus, however we will adjust based on the needs and the abilities of the students.