Joining NSBE Jr. of So Cal


Step #1: Complete the following Registration Form.

Please complete our Registration Form.

Step #2: Complete the NSBE Jr. Permission Slip & Medical Form.

Please complete our Permission Slip & Medical Form.

Step #3: Pay Annual Membership Fee.

For the 2018-19SY, the annual fee is $200, with discounts for siblings.  The membership fee is due and payable in September.  

Step #4: Attend our Mandatory Parent Orientation.

All parents are required to attend the first monthly meeting, on September 9th, to participate in our Parent Orientation. We will host a rolling orientation for parents who join NSBE after September 9th.

Step #5: Join NSBE, the national organization.

In order to benefit fully from your membership, please take a moment to join NSBE, the national organization.

Step #6: Attend our Mandatory Parent Engagement Workshops.

All NSBE Jr. of Southern California parents are invited to attend our regularly scheduled Parent Engagement Workshops. However, please note: some of the workshops are mandatory, and failure to attend a mandatory workshop will result in a $50 assessment.